Yes I do need that pocket size ‘insert random item here’


Have you ever been in line in a Target or Walmart or any of those sort of ‘have everything’ type of stores and glanced to your left and right to look at the items they have on display next to you? It’s really funny what they think that I will be tempted to buy last minute just because it’s there and usually in a tiny version of how the product usually comes. It’s like they think we’ve already decided on our big sized purchases but if they make it cute looking, and pocket or purse sized, we will be enticed to buy that stain remover pen or the little travel size Uno game cards. I wonder who gets to decide what to put in these check out aisles. That would be a really fun job. Can you imagine the meeting:

Boss: “Alright extremely psychiatrically trained check stand cute item display professional, what is it we are pushing this week? Pocket Kleenex? Dice? Perhaps some disposable cameras that are inevitably out of style and tough to find a place that will even develop the camera’s film anymore?

Spectacularly Trained Employee: You know what will practically jump into consumers baskets while waiting in line? Universal Remote Controllers.

Okay, I gotta admit. I got duped for this one. It’s just one of those things that while Target employee Karen was up there calling out for a price check on an ultra absorbent package of Huggies, I was perusing the check stand items that were pleading for my attention, and thought, ‘geez, it would be nice to get my tv, dvd player and vcr all working from the same remote.’ Yes, I still have a working vcr. How else am I supposed to Tae Bo?


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