Why do my parents keep “retiring” my pets?

Disclaimer: My parents are very loving people that have hearts of gold and would do anything for anyone, and I do not at all place any sort of blame on them for the following riff. 

Now, getting that out of the way. I talked to my dad today and he casually worked into the conversation that they had just put my very last remaining pet cat, Sammy to sleep. We all know thats just a nice way of saying they took her to the vet to have her pumped full of so many drugs her little system would just shut down forever. This is not the first time this has happened.       Exhibit One:
Let’s go back to when I was a little Mindy and in pre-school. My mom had picked me up as she did everyday and I was excitedly telling her my adventures of the day. Then she says, and i remember this like it was yesturday, “Mindy, I have some bad news, we had to give Oreo (my dog) away to a nice farmer who has a lot of land that he can run around and he’ll be much happier there. Well, of course I was sad, dispite the fact that Oreo was not the nicest dog you’ve ever met. He was actually kind of mean and wouldn’t really let anyone get near him. But he was my dog. So of course I was sad to hear that he got taken to this magical place. But, I thought, at least he’ll get to live on a farm right?! That must be every dog’s dream! It was not until many many years later, that I finally learned what the “farm” really was.
Exhibit Two:
I used to have a hamster named Leroy. He only had one eye, but he was a cute little guy. My sister gave him to me, cause she had used him for some science experiment (no, that is not why he only had one eye) and when the project was over, I was the proud owner of Leroy. He was a sneaky little hamster though. He used to somehow escape during the night and when I woke up in the morning I would have to look around the house to find him. Anyway, so one morning when I woke up, Leroy was once again gone. But this time my Dad found him. He stepped on him. Poor little Leroy. He was still alive though, and seemed fine, so I wasn’t sad. Until the next morning when Leroy was still in his cage, and the only reason he didn’t escape, was cause he was dead.
Exhibit Three:
My favorite cat I ever had was named Nabi. (Rhymes with hobby) He was the coolest. I loved this cat. One day, my dad comes in the house and he’s like, “well, I ran over the cat.” Of course I was very concerned and asked him if he was still alive, and in fact he was, although he did have to live with a crooked head for the rest of his life. This particular story does not end in an unfortunate demise springing from my parents actions but I thought I would include it anyway. Nabi actually lived a long time after he was run over, and after getting his tail bitten off, riding in my dad’s engine to work one day and getting run over, he finally used up all his lives and was fatally hit by a car.
Exhibit Four:
I had another cat named Fuki. (Rhymes with dookie) We had him for a really long time. One day my dad comes in the house and he’s like, “well I ran over Fuki.” Turns out that he also lived through it, although he would live out the rest of his years with his stomach dragging on the ground. Anyway, so I go to college, come back for the summer after my freshman year. My parents pick me up and my dad says, “well, you’ll notice something missing around the house.” I’m thinking oh, maybe they got a new couch or something. Then he says, “we put the cat to sleep.” What a start to the summer.
Exhibit Five:
I had another cat named Zoli. (Rhymes with golly) He was a cool cat too and we had him for a while also. This one was pretty recent. My mom calls me up and tells me that they put him to sleep. Now I have to say, this one was a real shocker. He wasn’t too old, he was really a good, nice cat, and I didn’t see it coming at all. They said that he was getting fussy in his old age. I have no proof, since I only see him like twice a year now so I cannot vouch for how “fussy” he was getting.
Exhibit Six:
Sammy. My parents are moving out of the house that I grew up in. Pretty weird. They are moving to a condo so they couldn’t bring the cat with them, because she was an outdoor cat. So after trying to get a few people to take her in, they resorted to putting her down.
These are all the examples I have. I’m sure that they had to do what they had to do. Although I’m starting to think that they prolly have a frequent “putting to sleep” card at the vet. Anyway, to all that have animals, love them all you can, cause you never know when someone will put them to sleep and then wait for an in-opportune time to tell you about it.


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