What it’s like to jump out of a perfectly good plane…

I recently went to the island of Oahu in Hawaii. One of the days we were there, we wanted to go skydiving. So we get to the place and the first thing that happens is they make you watch this short video about the dangers of skydiving. This video consisted of a man with a very long grey beard speaking very monotone about how it is very dangerous and it is very possible that you will die if you go through with it. Then it proceeded to show actual footage of the landing field right outside the place where an ambulance was pulling up to carry off someone who, to put it lightly, had a bad jump. After the video, they give you this huge contract that you have to sign every page of, that basically says that I understand that I may die or be seriously injured during the jump and that neither myself, nor my family will hold them responsible. After you sign your life away, its time to suit up. A guy comes up and gets you into the harness and then proceeds to attach himself to you and you are connected to him throughout the rest of the experience. Then you climb into this little tiny airplane with about 6 other people who are also jumping out. The plane climbs higher and higher and proceeds to get further out above the beautiful clear ocean. This was also kinda a nerve-racking part, because by now, its been so built up, and you can see that your about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with some stranger attached to your back. Once we hit the right elevation, the door opens up and the single parachuters start disappearing out of the door. I am the last one to go. The guy attached to me says, “okay, lets go!” We move to the edge of the plane, my feet barely clinging on, and he shouts,”one, two, threeeeee!” We fly out into the air, I see the horizon flipping upside down a few times, but thinking back, I think it was us that were flipping around! I didn’t even have time to be scared by this point because it was just the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I felt like Mighty Mouse flying through the sky. I was screaming and I could tell my lips were flapping in the breeze from the 150mph wind hitting me. After about 45 seconds he pulls the cord and the chute comes out. And it feels like we are suddenly suspended in the air. There is nothing between my feet and the ground which is now about 3500 feet below me. The site is unbelievable, it was the perfect day to go as I could see for miles, the beautiful island of Oahu. He let me steer the chute for a minute which was pretty cool. And after another 10-15 minutes we were near the ground and I was lifting my legs up so he could land us safely on the ground. Once we hit the ground I had the immediate sensation that I wanted to do it again right away. I highly recommend skydiving to anyone who is looking for a thrill. Only the build-up is the scary part, cause the rest of the time, your so in awe of what is going on, you don’t have time to be scared. Skydiving on a tropical island…….check!!!


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