What happened to all the good cartoons?

So I usually work the morning shift of my job and so I’m accustomed to waking up early, so when Saturday comes along,  I find myself waking up early not unlike i did when I was a little Mindy. however, it occurred to me, that early Saturday morning cartoons are not what they used to be.  I knew that my old fav’s of yester-year were not on TV anymore (Muppet Babies, Smurfs, Gummi Bears) but I did hold out some hope that maybe there might be some new revamped form of the old shows. much to my dismay, the only cartoons that i found on TV involved some kind of fighting kids trying to save the world.  I know that kids are into that kinda stuff now days but come on, little blue creatures living under mushrooms is a classic idea!!!  Bears that drink magical potions so they can bounce high! Baby animals that spend so much time in their nursery their imaginations transport them into different worlds altogether! I don’t even wanna bring up Scooby Doo! All I’m saying is, “Muppet Baaabies, they make our dreams come truuue!!”


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