The Best Beer I Ever Had

1249423971_beer_1004131So I ran the San Diego marathon the past sunday (June 3rd). If running 26.2 miles can ever be described as being fantastically divine, it was this time. There were 24,000 people running this marathon so when you first start out, they put you into corrals depending on your expected finish time. For the first I’d say about 8 miles, you can’t really run faster than a 10 minute mile pace just because there are so many people around it’s hard to wiggle your way through the crowd. It really didn’t open up till about mile 11 or so when people finally started falling either ahead or behind and gave us some room to move. The coolest part about running a marathon is definately the audience cheering you on. I had my name written on the front of my shirt and I would hear random people cheering me on the whole way and each cheer really boosted my energy and kept me going. The last 8 miles were pretty rough as soreness goes. I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible because with each step it hurt a little more. With the finish line in sight, I felt like a superstar running down the homestretch with the crowd cheering the whole way. My boyfriend told me I looked really great crossing the finish line but he was laughing cause immedietly afterwards I started limping away. After I made my way through free stuff valley as I liked to think of it as, I met up with my friends whom all made me feel like even more of a superstar, which was totally cool. Then I made my way to collect my free beer. I don’t even know what type it was, but it didn’t matter. The coolness that was flowing in that cup was just the right solution to 26.2 miles of ow ow ow everytime my feet hit the pavement! Ahhh, finally I felt the way those people in the beer commercials feel when they get a taste of that cool refreshing liquid. And I thought they were actors, they must have been marathon runners just finishing up their first race.


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