Stripper’s Fantasy Lyrics

I wanna love you and I
I can’t stop thinking of ya
I know I drive ya so wild
So take me home and I’ll…

You see me every Friday
Just one turn off the highway
Come in with all your boys, silent type not makin noise
Sit in your favorite corner
I’m fast like Jackie Joyner
You got me sweatin, I’m not letting, I’m just all your getting
Motion toward me
You’re my reward see
If you want it you can have this for free
It feels a little heated
I gotta hunger feed it
Your eyes say you like it, not surprised you know you might get
All my extra attention
Got my love on suspension
The beat’s just an excuse
To get you hot, light your fuse
You’re the one I wait for
You’re my heaven’s gate door
So come on get this started inhibitions have departed


All night the only one
Revolve around you sun
Times runnin end is near, stead’ of money lend an ear
You’re my reason
I’m not teasin
You know you are the only one that I’m pleasin
Want you to touch, I yearn so much, seems you’re my only crutch
I fantasize ‘bout our lives, you, me on the outside
Two AM music stops as the lights rise
Time to settle, wanna meddle, see you in my eyes?
Once more you disappear each week my greatest fear
Of you walking not phased while I’m saulkin not praised
I wanna be in your life not just your Friday nights
You take care of me but I feel deeeniied
You leave me happy but neeveer satisfiiieeed


Another night is over
I’m here left like a rover
Next day see you on the street
My heart jumps about to greet
Then I see who your with, notice your wedding band
My smile fades you unphased as my eyes land
Meeting yours they look cold, just like a stranger
I’m frozen and my heart in innnn danger
Everything was just fake
I shoulda know you’d never make
A lonely stripper your forever life mate



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