Stream of Mindyness 7


Have you ever eaten a lot of carrots and felt sick? Sometimes I find that if I eat carrots on an empty stomach, they make me nauseous. Boy did I just not know how to spell nauseous. Thank goodness for auto correct. I spelled it so wrong at first, it didn’t even come up as one of my choices. Didn’t you hate that when you were little when you asked your parents how to spell something and they said, “look it up.” How did they expect us to look it up if we couldn’t spell it? Now I am well aware, that they told us that because they didn’t know how to spell it either. Which brings me to the point, I was so much smarter as a kid. I mean book smart. Now, I’m more life smart, but I used to be able to do pre-calculus. Now, I’m not even sure what that is. I distinctly remember thinking in school, in math and science class in particular (because I was not very good in either of those subjects) that I would never need this information in life. And it turns out, I was right and unfortunately, I feel no sense of satisfaction out of that realization.

I recently purchased one of those solar powered dancing flowers and put it in my car. I can’t begin to express the joy I experience seeing this little plastic flower groove back and forth while the sun shines down on it. Just yesterday, I was walking by my parked car, I saw my little flower jamming out through the window and I felt a burst of happy much like if volcanoes spewed out rainbows for an hour. Then I walked by my car again, maybe 20 minutes later and something far more dark and dismal came to be. There lying on my dashboard, lifeless, was the head of my rhythmic flower. The poor thing danced it’s head clean off. Gloria Estefan knew what she was talking about when she said, “the rhythm is gonna get ya.” It’s sad and true. I got in my car, and through my tears tried to put together my beheaded friend, but no. Now, as the sun shines down, cascading through it’s fake plastic leaves, my former dance crazy flower, only does a spasm motion equal to when you are lying in bed asleep and you dream you fell and jerk yourself awake. It no longer brings me the smiles of yesteryear, well yesterday morning at least. It now reminds me that life isn’t always rainbows, sometimes, it’s an overdose of carrots sneaking up on your hungry tummy.


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