Stream of Mindyness 2


Things that make me smile. Well I gotta go with the top of the list, high fives and Yoohoo. What else boosts your confidence like a strong, way to go, high five. I think there should probably be more high fives at funerals. Think about it, your going through the grieving line, everyone is sad and depressed, what situation could use a well timed high five more than that? I like getting high fives from strangers. It’s always fun because it’s unexpected.

Unexpected things are not always fun. Like if you are sitting on the toilet and a snake comes up and unexpectedly bites you on the behind. Behind is a funny and G rated way to say butt. When I was little my mom used to say bum.  I’m not sure real people besides moms can get away with saying bum. Including Tom Green.

I wonder what it would be like to have a last name be a color. I’m not sure but do you think you would feel closer to that color and wear it a lot, like you were sponsored by that color? Or would you shy away from your namesake? I hate the show Wheel of Fortune and not for any particular reason either. Love me some Jeopardy though. I should change my name to Mindy Jeopardy, then I could be MJ. Now, I’m M to the Fo. Also kinda catchy though.

Do you think that garbage men think garbage smells bad or have they just gotten used to it. Imagine if we had a dogs nose for a day. Their noses are like a quabillion times more smellarific than our noses. I don’t think I could leave the house.
I wonder if I had the chance would I rather have a brontosaurus or a tyrannosaurus rex. Sure the rex could do a lot of damage but what if he wasn’t there for me emotionally? I think that the brontosaurus would be more likely to wanna go to the park and have picnics and the rex would just be like breaking everything I own. I would be so mad if he broke my one good can opener. They are hard to find. I have like 3 of them and only one works. I’m just keeping the other ones in hopes that the good one will rub off on the duds.

Sometimes I feel bad when I kill bugs. I feel like, geez I just ended another living creature’s life. But the bug was being so annoying flying in my ears and up my nose that I felt pushed in a corner with no way to turn but violence. At least it died while I was in the process of clapping my hands together to smoosh it. It went out with some fanfare. I’ll pour out a little Yoohoo for it later.


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