Stream of Mindyness 1


Hey, so I decided to try something new with my blog. I decided to just write whatever I’m thinking at the time that I start typing. A stream of consciousness blog, if you will. If you ever wondered what it’s like to be inside my head, strap on your wheelie shoes, grab some whoppers and take comfort in knowing that I am crazier than you. Okay, here goes: Things that are big right now. Super heroes. Nope, I can’t be one, they always have really tight costumes and I often wonder how do they get into them by themselves? Is that part of their sidekick’s job: ‘help zip me up and then fight some crime with me.’ I could be one of those superheroes that are in a big fuzzy character costume. But then I don’t think I could even do much super hero-ing because my sight would be inhibited. Plus it would take too long if I had to use the bathroom.
My cat is a really good listener. I often wonder what she is thinking when I’m talking to her. Then I start to think about what she’s thinking but I’m thinking about it in English but what if she thinks in Japanese or Australian?
I hate when the auto correct on word underlines in the green squiggles because it thinks I’ve made a drastic grammatical mistake. Sometimes I do it on purpose but why should I have to explain myself to my computer. Or any computer for that matter. I could see if it was like the one on the Jetsons and she talked and did my laundry and stuff. Oooh laundry, I forgot…
I always find poop bags in the washer after the cycle. Not bags filled with poop, but the type people use to pick up dog poop. Or homeless bum poop. I don’t have a dog.
How about this, I heard something on the radio today about finding life on other planets. If the aliens are smart enough to find us, then they are most likely smart enough to disguise themselves or take on our human form and just live down here and slowly integrate themselves into our society and make friends and write bills and start wars and change the color of m and m’s. Who knows, we could all be aliens without even knowing it. Do you remember being born?
This morning for breakfast I had an English muffin, toasted with peanut butter and cheese on it. You might think that sounds yucko but in reality you should take that thought back to the box in the back of your closet, expand your flavor tasting horizon and give it a chance. I prefer jelly and cheese but I ran out of jelly about 2 months ago. It’s expensive but when I think about it, I have no qualms with spending 5 bucks on one thing that I’m going to eat right now, but yet jelly, which one jar would probably last a good month or two, I seem to think is not worth my 5 dollars.
What is that leftover lint in the dryer anyway? Cleaning it out just reminds me that my clothes are slowly becoming one with all my neighbors clothes that share the same machines. I’m wearing a little piece of my neighbors socks and underwear right now because through the lint screen, microbes that I can’t clean off, have magnetized themselves to my clothes and live on them now. Maybe that’s why when you see aliens on movies and tv they are all dressed the same.


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