Sometimes I Do Dumb Things


Sometimes I do dumb things. Sometimes I think I’m doing something normal, then I think uh oh am I doing something dumb, then I convince myself it’s not dumb, when in fact, it was something dumb after all. Case in point, the other day I’m walking to my car which is parked on the side of the street. Now, I’ve walked to my car almost everyday for the past 7 years that I’ve owned it. These are my thoughts as I approach my car:

1. Why is my clicker not working? Well, I guess these batteries finally went kaput. I suppose it was bound to happen, I have had this car for a while. It’s a little weird though because it’s been working on the first try, I would think if the batteries were going dead then I would have noticed it slowly stop working. Whatever.

2. Wow, my car is dirty. I know I haven’t washed it in a while, but this is pretty bad. Maybe it just got this dirty because I’m parked underneath a tree. Hmph, weird, well I should probably think about washing it soon.

3. Wait. Could this not be my car? Let me look inside more carefully, okay, there is some trash in the middle console, I think I left that there this morning. This is my car, we’re still okay.

I put the key in the door.

4. Maybe one closer look, just to make sure this is my ca… uh oh, there is a baby seat in the back seat. Not my car! Not my car! Abort! Abort!

This is where I casually take the key out of the door, slyly take a look around for witnesses, and proceed to unlock (with my perfectly fine functioning clicker) MY car door which happens to be located right in front of this identical yet dirtier blue Honda Civic.


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