Music today…

Hey, is it just me or does a lot of music that’s out today just plain suck? i mean sure there are some good bands out there duking it out amongst the top 40-ers but i mean for real, is it just that I’m finally out-growing popular music? i remember when i was a little Mindy and my mom and dad would play they’re music and I’d be like ahhh what is this? give me my nkotb!!! so now I’m watching MTV the other day, i know its like the one hour a day when they actually play music videos and its filled with 50 cent talkin about how he wants some girl to suck his lollipop, and Eminem dreadfully trying to sing one of his choruses about killing some mockingbird for his daughter (sweet huh?). or Ashley Simpson putting us through yet another ear-piercing ballad that doesn’t even sound good when it’s just a computerized version of her voice. oh me oh my, i guess this is a sign of age. “every little step i take” into the future, i gotta keep “hangin tough” or I’ll end up “under the bridge” just like “a rat in a cage.”


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