Just a Taste Lyrics


Remember when you met him? Five years to this day
As I recall he said you made him feel a whole new way
Hypnotized by his desires he could not see the fire
In your eyes he was just another sought out prize
But showed him the world, more than any girl
Could ever keep him in check, he was always at your beck
And call, he’d never fall for another so he said
Had him livin in a dream cause you got inside his head
You never met his parents, didn’t know he had a sister
Till I told him that I saw her ever since he said he missed her
Friends came and went but with you he’d never fight
Around cause he needed you, a dose every night


Overtook his life, you soaked up all his time
He worked to keep you close; he chose to spend every dime
But when he lost his job, you were no where to be found
He couldn’t stand the emptiness went looking all around
Sold all of his belongings and he finally had a plan
But when he finally found you, you were with another man
You came back for a taste, memories flooded in
He didn’t look good, could see his bones through his skin
So happy that he had you, he forgot you went away
So he took you all at once, not wanting to delay
That feeling that you gave him, the first time go around
Didn’t know because of you, he’d end up 6 feet underground
No one found him for awhile; when they did there was denial
How could it come to this, you were too hard to resist
Flowin though that first needle, didn’t realize that greed will
Catch him in the end; he thought you were his best friend
When he couldn’t handle his emotions you posed as his devotions
So easy you came to him, since then, his chances slim
Of escaping, he was taking, the icing on his cake and
As you flowed through his veins, what remained, was not the same
This King’s habit became tragic they never knew that he had it.


You made him soar high so it was no surprise, that his eyes
Were always fixed on how he’d get his next hit and every bit
Of his body, now had him craving what made him free
Everyday became worse, the curse to relive the first
He may have died happy, he was jacked up on crack he
Didn’t feel his breath slippin as the drugs they were hittin
One last high made him fly
His final prize, his own demise.


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