I think I’m getting old…

well i think its here. yup, the old age is setting in. i am now the one saying, geez that music is loud, isn’t it a school night!! it seems my upstairs neighbors are of the college age crowd and like to blare their music starting at 3:00 in the morning. now, if i lived in say, a college dorm, or even a college complex, this would not only be fine, but it would be expected. alas, i do not, and therefore i find it very displeasing. like the other night, i’m peacefully asleep in my bed, and 3:00 comes along and i hear some sort of heavy metal trash playing so loud that i am convinced that somehow it is coming from my bedroom! its not like they party all night long and ease us into it, its that they are relatively quiet until they are certain that everyone surrounding them is asleep and they start in with the scary music. so finally, they get shut down, i guess from the security people, and it takes a while but i finally get back to sleep and have the absolute worst nightmare ever. and i know that it springs directly from their scary music. i don’t know what it was but it was a lot of yelling at me. my dream was that i moved into a house that the landlord was the devil. i’m not kidding, it was scary. couldn’t they at least play good music?!! damn kids.


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