I Like Fat Guys Lyrics


I like fat guys, don’t be givin me skinny
All you inney minney finnies won’t be gettin at me
Gotta big butt, grab some donuts up, and I’ll be smiling at you wait you’ll see
I like the way you jiggle, bellies make me giggle, I’d pay a nickel every time you wiggle
Don’t drain that grease, please, pour it on some cheese
Add a couple burgers now you’re makin me shiver
If you go low fat I ain’t down with that, just take it back and serve a vat of LARD!
Cut it up with a card, just sniff it up it ain’t hard
Fit a large shirt? I don’t mean to be curt but your nuthin but a little squirt
Give me a double XL with a chili dog smell, I’ll be a customer to buy not sell
So to all my ladies who want healthy babies
They won’t fit in Mercedes cause desserts never maybe
Bring me a man, with some fries in his hand
Cause I want a guy who wears elastic waste bands
You might think I’m kidding, but if your jeans are fittin, better do some sittin, keep the health food hidden
Just super size, your stomach’s bigger than your eyes, then don’t be surprised, you got me hypnotized!


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