I don’t judge people, I invent things about them…

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, ” yeah, yeah, I get it, I don’t judge people by their outward appearances. That’s not fun at all. What is fun, is seeing people and letting my mind wander about what their deal in life is. For instance, the other day, I’m sitting at a red light on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Cahuenga in Hollywood. I see a cowboy crossing the street. I don’t mean a guy dressed up like a cowboy like maybe he was going to an audition or a show, but this dude was for real and I could tell because of the way he was walking, he had that cowboy walk. You know, where he just got off his horse type strut. So immediately my mind starts wondering about what this dude’s story is and where he came from. My only conclusion is that he rode into Hollywood on his noble steed which he named Tyson, not because he’s a fan of boxing but this particular horse, instead of kicking behind him, would stand on his back legs and punch at people whenever his cowboy rider wanted him too. The cowboy taught Tyson to do this because he had his 6 shooter taken away from him in a brawl with a rootin tootin train robber, when he tried to stop him from robbing a train. So the cowboy, with his skilled horse Tyson, decided he wanted out of the cowboy life and headed to Hollywood, where he thought he could make some money with Tyson doing his ‘stupid pet trick’ of punching people out with his front legs. Well it turns out, when they got to Hollywood, they were walking down Hollywood Blvd and the guy that dresses like Spiderman ( not the one with the good costume, but the one who looks like he’s wearing pajamas) came up and startled Tyson, so the horse naturally stood up on his back feet, and punched Spidey out. He caused a big commotion and a crowd started to gather and in this crowd was none other than famed reality show producer Mark Burnett. Mr. Burnett immediately saw an opportunity to make his newest show of having Tyson, go after animal abusers in sort of an animal justice kind of way. Only there was no part for the cowboy. So with swimming pools and movie stars in his eyes, Tyson left the cowboy behind and happily left with Mr. Burnett to fulfill his dreams of becoming a star. That’s when I saw our cowboy friend. Horseless and hopeless crossing the street. Where are you going to next Mr. Cowboy man? Where oh where? Okay, it was a pretty long red light.


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