I am soooo un-hip…


I find myself becoming more and more aware of this facet of life with every passing day. When I was little, I distinctly remember being in the car with my Mom and listening to some type of music that for some reason was piercing to my ultra cool young ears. Looking back now, it was a good chance it was either Neil Diamond (I have since been to a Neil Diamond concert, a subject for a whole other blog) or perhaps it was some elevator music type number. Regardless of what it was, I thought that my Mom must have no idea what decent music is and if I could only put on some Bon Jovi or some Bobby Brown, maybe even some New Kids On The Block, than she’d really see what good music was. Well, fast forward to the Me of now, I can’t even stand to turn on the radio these days. If I do, it’s on old school stations that I hope may play the classics of yester-year so that I can belt out the lyrics like any 31 year old worth her weight in radical-ness (remember that one?) would do. The stuff that they play on the radio now, is filled with auto-tune, so the artists can’t sing, lyrics that do not make any sense or are just different ways to tell me how they love to party and are better than me, so they do not seem to be very skilled at writing either. I was recently talking to a DJ friend and he mentioned some number one song that’s playing in all the clubs. I was actually glad that I didn’t know what song he was talking about. To be honest, I didn’t really hear what the name of the song was because in my head all I heard was “walk liiike an Egyptian….”

There are a ton of club/bars out where I live and I have been to a few in my years out here. Recently I went to one, which was supposedly ‘tough’ to get into, you needed to be on a list, and you needed to get dressed up. Now I’m not one to really enjoy going to bars. I used to (back when I was more hip, I guess) but now I pretty much think of them as over-priced, darkly lit, mating grounds. I’d much rather have some cheap wine at home and not have to wait in line in the cold (cause a coat would totally cover up my perfect outfit). So once I got in, I thought, this place must be amazing with all the hub-bub (you know what that is) to get in. First of all, the DJ is sitting down, not hyping me up to dance at all (and I’m a mover), the bar is way in the back corner consisting of a small table, with a few bottles behind it on a shelf, and the décor, is close to what my parents living room was decorated like back in 1990. I realize, I’m not a frequent club goer, but, is this really the in thing now? Might as well start charging people to hang in my parents condo, my Mom makes a pretty stiff rum and coke.

I am not ashamed of the fact that I still get hand-me-downs from my sister. I’m not much of a shopper, never really have been. But the things kids are wearing these days, whaaaa?! I don’t really get the whole skinny jeans on guys look. I just think it looks uncomfortable for them. Girls are really into those dresses that make them look pregnant, you know the ones, with the high waist and the flowy bottom. I guess it’s cool that those dresses are in now, because maybe it will help with girls being obsessed with their weight. If you’re gonna get dressed up and look pregnant anyway, might as well have the steak instead of the salad!

These are only a few of the many many, many um, ahem, many reasons I am un-hip. It’s weird but the trends that were big in my day, and the music and the tv shows, are all seeming to be making a comeback. So, I leave some wise parting words to the cool kids out there now; styles and trends recycle about every 20 years, so hold on to your skinny jeans and your pregnant dresses, because even after they go out of style, it’s only a matter of time before they come right back in! Hello leggings and Chuck Taylors!


  1. CNA Training on Nov 17th, 2010, 8:12am (Reply to this comment)

    nice post. thanks.

  2. Kelly on Nov 4th, 2010, 6:05pm (Reply to this comment)

    I hate those “pregnancy” dresses! If you’re like me and have any curves at all you look like a tent! I guess it makes it easier to be a hip pregnant teenager though.

  3. Jelly Bean Man on Nov 3rd, 2010, 6:08pm (Reply to this comment)

    I couldn’t agree more! There is no way my jelly bean would ever fit in those skinny jeans! Those kids must be jelly bean free!

  4. Terry on Nov 3rd, 2010, 5:44pm (Reply to this comment)

    First, I cannot believe that you are 31, now I am really feeling old. But I believe i remember you rapping that stuff on the radio that I did not like and the old music was all I would listen too. So if you wait long enough, the girls in those outfits that are not comfortable, will be joining us in our comfortable jeans.


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