Hug Shady Lyrics

Just gonna stand there and wait for a smile
It’s alright, I know it may take a while
Just gonna stand with my arms open wide
It’s alright to have a hug and a cry
A good hug and a cry

1st Verse:
I can tell you what it really is
And now I’ll describe what it feels like
A hug is nice, a compliment to your life
You can’t breathe, cause I’m squeezin too much delight
Not wrong won’t be long just might, smile ignite
High off the love, wanna iceskate? Think its gay? Na it ain’t
You will love it, don’t act above it, we’ll double date
Happiness is your fate, you got the trait see
Be my first mate E, we’ll go canoein
“wait, whatcha doin?”
“I’m way too tough”
“no you ain’t! let loose!”
Duck duck goose is just a game
It’s kinda tame, but once you get started, you start to smile
You’re in denial just cause your Shady, that’s just a name
Bring out your inner Sunshine, don’t be ashamed
Amaze me, today’s thee, day we gotta make the change
We’ll start slow free the, warm fuzzies hidden by your brain
I blame the wife beater made by Hanes


2nd Verse:
You ever watch a lovely butterfly in the park
It’s kinda pretty could even spark, you to write a little ditty
Got you feelin witty, yeah then go adopt a kitty
It’s hard to be mad cause they’re cute and itty bitty
Even if your pad’s in the city outside is nitty gritty
But you’ll still be glad, pop a soda cause its fizzy
You laugh, smile, cause the bubbles, tickle
You feel the good trickle, now you sweet like a bread and butter pickle
Leave your rage maybe you should go pet a pup
So when you wake, up you can face the day
Fill up a coffee cup, not enough, of singin bluejays
No way look up, is that a baby flyin away
Every fairy tale has happy endin this ones dependin
Next time things you say
Say ‘em with a smile
Think of ballerina plie, or Santa’s sleigh
See now all you wanna do is cuddle
Guess you should find a cuddle party



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