Hmmm, Is That Really A VCR Repair Shop?


Last weekend we had to get our vacuum repaired, so we went to a vacuum repair shop. Now, I didn’t even know that these places existed, but it turns out that there are actually a lot of them right in my area. I suppose that if you buy a fancy-pancy vacuum like a Dyson, or something, then at some point you may need to get it fixed rather than just shelling out a million dollars a new one (yes, I checked out the prices, they are actually a million dollars). As we were driving there, I noticed other small shops in the same area such as, a VCR repair shop, and a shoe repair shop. Now, I know that there are few places that even sell VCR tapes anymore let alone the fact that dvds are starting to go out of stores replaced by Bluerays and whatever else the latest technology is that I don’t understand yet. I can’t imagine that there is a huge market for people flooding into that place to get their VCR’s fixed. I do imagine that there may be a huge flood of people, going into the back room to get their “insert drug of choice here” fix. Or some other shady business like perhaps, hiring someone to whack somebody, importing kangaroo fur, or maybe even buying mail order brides and selling them so you can ride in the carpool lane on the 405. Actually now that I think about it, I may be in the market for a pet Liger. Maybe I should check out the back room of the Rocking Chair shop…


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