Faster Food

The problem with humans is that we eat too much and produce so much waste. I don’t mean the inevitable 30 minute bathroom vacay after dippin into a Baskin Robbins. I mean that a lot of our food comes in packaging that is very wasteful. Now, I know I’m in the minority here, but food doesn’t really excite me. I like eating when it’s delicious, but most food we eat every day is none too thrilling. Which is why my son Xavier and I have come up with the food for the future. It’s a way to produce less waste, give everyone access to a healthy, balanced diet, and have everyday food taste good! “Is this your next million dollar idea” you may be wondering? This is a world changing idea. So here goes, I’ll try my best to explain the idea with no scientific or real world backing at all, that we came up with. 

We get rid of food entirely. All food is gone. No more eating animals. No more eating things that grow. No more fast food restaurants on every corner of the street. No more deciding what to eat everyday. Not even anymore cooking. These details already have me salivating. Everyone has a tube hookup in their house much like the way we get electricity and there are telephone poles everywhere, there will be “telephone poles” delivering these tubes also. There are 3 tubes that lead into your kitchen. Or rather, the room that your kitchen used to be, as you won’t be cooking in it anymore. Each tube contains a different meal choice for that day. Say it’s breakfast, you could have a choice between pancakes, eggs or cereal. The only thing you have buy from a store is the “host” for the flavor. The “host” looks like a big marshmallow but has no flavoring of it’s own, but contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need for that meal. You take a “host” and stick your choice of tube for that meal into it, and a flavoring shoots into it. The flavoring does not add any calories, fat, artificial anything. (Actually my 9 year old and I were gonna leave it up to real scientists and maybe Willy Wonka to figure out how to make the flavorings) It simply adds flavor. So you eat the same thing everyday, but it’s also different. And if you wanna eat pizza and cheeseburgers everyday of your life, you’ll be just as healthy as someone who picks salad and fish everyday. There, problem solved. Man, that was so easy. I should go work in the government. 


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