Don’t ya hate it when…

So I go to the gym in my apartment complex. its a small room, a few bikes, steppers, and a few other machines, nothing fancy but it does me just fine. now being a small room and all, if someone in there is talking to someone else, everyone else can hear what they are saying. so i go there this morning and there is this chick on the phone while she’s walking on the treadmill!!! first of all, i don’t see how or why anyone would want to talk on the phone while they are working out because usually when you really work out you are out of breath and all sweaty and who wants a hands-free set stuck in your sweaty ear while your trying to get fit. secondly, she was talking rather loudly about private matters that did not concern me nor the other guy in there (who, lucky for him had brought headphones to listen to). third, there are two TV’s in there. neither of which i could hear because of this ms. gabby gabster next to me. so i ask you the people, should i have given her my advice on her problems that she was discussing on the phone since it seems she wanted me to know about them? i tell ya, some folks have no class!!!


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