Bed Warmer Upper

I know that body pillows already exist, but this is different. I’m not talking about a big huge pillow that you can cuddle up with at night to replace a person, I’m talking about a body length pillow type thing, that has a built in heating unit that you put in your bed before you climb in at night, so you don’t have to get into a cold bed! Think about it, it’s winter, it’s below freezing outside, you’re sooo tired but you know when you pull back the covers, for the first 10 minutes of getting under there, it’s going to be a bit chilly. But, haven’t you ever rolled over into a spot in bed right after someone gets up and it’s still all warm and cozy and pre-warmed for you?! This way, you put the heated pillow type thing in your bed for about 15 minutes before you retire for the evening, and whamo, once you get in, it’s preheated and ready to welcome you into a night filled with dreams of sugar plums! (whatever they are).


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