And you thought ballarinas were graceful…

So I’m driving and I get to an intersection where the stoplight is out. Bummer right? Not today my friend, not today. I was witness to the most beautiful gracefulness to ever touch down on this planet. No, not a gorgeous swan, not a plastic bag blowing in the wind like on American Beauty, not even a dancer with an ipod moving fluidly at a bus stop. Nope, none of those, here it goes, two traffic cops. I’m telling you, the way they directed traffic you’d think you were watching the product of an all star ballerina meshed up with the fluid flight of a butterfly, with a dab of the specifics and precision of a doctor performing open heart surgery. They had these white gloves on that if set to music, could have been the most beautiful, zen show I’ve ever seen. I’m telling you, next time you’re lucky enough to come to a broken traffic light count your blessings, and take a big drink of the magnificient motions of the puppetry of the hands of the traffic cops directing you into a world where it’s okay to wait your turn to turn left. Ahhh, I need some chai tea.


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