And I was like, “uh oh”

So the other night I’m getting ready to go to sleep and as I’m peacefully emerging into my bed, i notice a big spider in the corner of my room. the corner just to the left of my bed. so i think to myself, “hmmm, should i kill it so it doesn’t come and get me during the night? or should i let it be and perhaps we can enjoy a perfectly happy co-existence? well, I’ve heard that killing spiders is bad luck, and let’s be honest i was never going to kill it, i would have prolly called upon someone to take care of my eight legged roommate, so i let him be. i go to sleep and dream of sugar plumbs and lolly pops and the next morning when i wake up, i decide to check on my new friend. much to my dismay, he was no longer there, and i was like, “uh oh!!” did i eat him in my sleep? don’t they say that you swallow like 7 spiders during your lifetime while your sleeping??? i can only hope that if that was in fact the case, that maybe he was my seventh and final spider and i have filled my quota on spider eating. but really, i hope he just moved away.


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