Ahh the many shades of….coffee?

Coffee cupSo, every weekend i drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Usually only on the weekends cause i don’t wanna get into the whole dependency thing during the week. I do enjoy a good cup of chai tea during the week, but that’s neither here nor there. (never really got that saying). Someone gave me this Starbucks gift card a while ago and so every Saturday morning i’ve been walking right across the street (cause there on every street corner out here) to get coffee. Whenever I go though, I feel like they can spot me (a rookie in this gourmet coffee world) coming a mile away. I always have to check the menu, looking but never finding just a normal cup of coffee up there. Sure there is every type of latte, frappe, expresso drink you want, but that’s not what i’m here for. I just want a normal, regular, everyman cup of coffee. No fancy flavors, no whoopty doo cream on top, and no extra shots of energy or vitamin B. Then there is the sizing. What the hell is Venti and Grande and whatever the other size is? This is America, fast food nation. I’m not in some fancy French Cafe. I want a medium regular cup of coffee. So that’s what I order. I feel like whenever I say it out loud to the cashier, the place goes silent and I can feel the stare of hundreds of eyes peering at my worthless non-extravegant coffee drinking soul. That’s when I whip out my giftcard and the groans of “oh, that makes sense,” overwhelm the overcrowded caffeine crazed place. I don’t know, maybe I’m too simple, but whenever this giftcard runs out, I’m going staight to the grocery store to buy whatever cheap instant coffee is on sale. Maybe I’ll buy some fancy cream to go with it. But only if I have a coupon! Baby steps…..baby steps.


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