Thrifty Lyrics


If you watch me you will see
I’m not cheap, I’m just thrifty

Cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap

It’s thrifty to just repeat!

Everyday of my life I gotta pay a price

To the man, but my plan is save money where I can.

Take tuna fish, hey, I’m not rich

So instead of mayonnaise, I get cheap dijonnaise!

Some call it yellow mustard, I call it God’s custard

Cause for just one dollar, I get a whole bottle!

Let’s talk toothpaste, it’s such a waste

Not to cut the tube when ya think it’s all used!

Still enough, hey, take out your brush,

Now scrape the side, don’t let it hide!

Going to the grocery store, only way to get more,

Coupons galore, don’t buy if you’re not sure!!!

She’s thrifty, she’s not cheap

She’s thrifty, I don’t think she’s cheap!

When I’m going out, I never have a doubt

Gonna be a pricey night, but my pockets are tight!

So I bring along a flask, then at the bar I ask

Can I just have a glass, of coooca-cola, don’t ya know I 
Take TP from people’s parties

Bring tupperware, put h’ors doeurves  in there.

Tomorrow night, warm em’ up just right,

Oh what a delight, it’s free dinner tonight!!!

She’s thrifty, she’s not cheap

She’s thrifty, I don’t think she’s cheap

This might come across as ghetto, I think I better let you

In on my secret, don’t repeat that
I still agree that, if it was me I’d

Take leftovers from the next table over!

No, it’s not grosser, I watched them move it over!

They didn’t want it, shouldn’t have bought it.

I’ll take it home there’s still meat on that bone,

No, I don’t have a dog, I’ll eat it dummy!!!

Always unscrew lightbulbs that aren’t glued,

Cause you know it’s true, they’re at least two

Dollars at the store, do it like a chore,

But it’s never a bore, like stealing condoms from a whore!!!

She’s thrifty, she’s not cheap!

She’s thrifty, I don’t think she’s cheap! Is she though?


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